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Tiny commercial License - Up to 250 items


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Tiny commercial License - Up to 250 items

The tiny commercial license is geared towards small business use and allows sales up to a limit of 250 units.
Please add in the notes at checkout for which collection you are purchasing the license.


You are required to purchase a commercial license if you intend to use the product for commercial purposes. Whether it's part of your product, branding, marketing, etc. That means that even if you're planning on getting the artwork for a freebie, if it serves your business (or blog), you need a license.

You don't need to get more than one license per collection BUT if you're planning on selling more than 250 units of the same collection you need an upgraded license.

- DOs AND DON'Ts -

Purchasing a commercial license allows you to :

- Use the artworks in as many different end products as you want.
- Sell up to 250 copies combined.

You aren't allowed to :

- Use the artwork as it is, with no design from your part to make it yours. They can only be used as a part of a larger design (adding text, images from other sources, new backgrounds, etc).
- Sell or redistribute our artworks even with minor changes or embedding them with editing files from which the artwork could be extracted.
- You can't claim our artwork as your own.
- You aren't allowed to upload them to automated merchandise marketplace like RedBubble, Printify, Society6 and so on.


No coupons can be used on licenses!

Please see our FAQ for further details on commercial use.

The purchase of this item confirms the right of commercial use. This listing comes with a digital .TXT file with a recap of the license you purchased.

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