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Commission artwork for planner shops TOU

By purchasing any of the listings from the Commission artwork for planner shops, you agree with the following rules, guidelines and ethics :

1. All the listings in this section have a full commercial license included. You need to purchase one of the "Draw me a mascot" listings first. The no credit listing gives you the right to not disclose I drew the artwork, however you still can't claim my work as your own. The credit listing is meant for smaller budgets, BUT includes you disclosing where you got the artwork buy placing a link to our website wherever you use the mascot I drew for you.

2. Credit or no credit license rules must be applied on every listing featuring your mascot, even on new poses or bundles.

3. Images are not to be altered in any way. If you want any adaptations of the character I created for you, contact me to discuss the possibilities. That also means you can't ask another artist to work on or with the mascot I created for you.

4. I won't cross or go anywhere near the grey fandom art line. If you want your character to go to Disney and have Mickey ears someday, I'm NOT the artist you're looking for. I'm all up for drawing original, cute or even weird stuff but not to piggy bank on someone else's work.

5. After purchasing any of the listings, email me at with the details of your enquiry AND your order number. I'll respond in the next 24 hours.

6. Processing time will depend on the listing you purchased. Please, see the listing description for more information.

7. The amount of revisions included in each listing is stated in the listing's description.

8. Delivery : PNG files will be uploaded and shared with you in a Google Drive folder named after your shop. Images are taken down after 3 months, so please download them before the 3 months are up! I'll backup a physical copy on a harddrive in case something happens and you lost them. If you need them again in the future, please send me an email to ask for your files to be uploaded to the folder again.

9. You can switch from a credit to no credit license by purchasing the upgrade credit listing. With the upgrade you will no longer need to credit my shop, even on previous listings.

10. I'll allow myself to decline sales without further explanation.