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About Clipartivist

Clipartivist is your digital artwork shop for digital art with a social justice awareness purpose.

Giving forward through art

Clipartivist is born from a desire to lean to a more intentional life by offering digital art with a social justice awareness purpose.

There are tons of digital artists out there but what if this art could fill a purpose? What if this art could be a voice for minorities? What if this art could help with the lack of representation? What if this art could be an eye opener to some issues our society is still not on point with?

I've been running my hand-drawn planner accessory shop since 2016 and while it brings me joy, there has always been something I wasn't feeling aligned with. The planner community has made me grow as a human through the years and this is a way for me to pay it forward.

I want Clipartivist to be wide open about social injustices, for women, for POCS, for the LGBTQIA+ community, for less able people, for everyone!
In the long run, I'd really like for Clipartivist to be able to pay it forward even more by using part of the profits to donate to organizations that are actively fighting those injustices.

If you have any question or enquiry, please email
Feel free to reach out for any topics you'd like to suggest for future artwork collections as well!

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