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Foxy's bitch button decorative planner stickers

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Foxy's bitch button decorative stickers for planners. Sometimes you're trying to get your temper under control, but you're really close to loose it... These stickers are perfect to mark that down!


Paper options :
> Regular matte
Smooth matte permanent paper. You can write on it with any pen.
> Vinyl matte
Buttery unicorn vinyl paper. It is water and UV resistant. Works with any pen or marker.

- SIZE -

Small sheets measure 3.45" x 4.5"
Stickers are approx 1" and 1/2"


Please note that this item is a single sheet only, none of the other items on the picture will be shipped!
Colors may appear slightly different depending on your computer screen.
These stickers are handmade stickers and kiss cut manually.

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