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Foxy and Kitty "don't touch my shit" vinyl pouch - Holo

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Foxy and Kitty "don't touch my shit" vinyl pouch is perfect to carry your favorite pens or washi tape rolls around.

Pouches can carry up to 5 tombows brush pens or 3 rolls of washi tape with a bit of spare room. They are see through and close with 2 snap buttons.

Different color options :

> Mermaid
> Unicorn
> Pegasus
> Dragon
> Medusa
> Phoenix
> Fairy (neon pink)

Vinyl pouches are ready to ship, that means they can be shipped quite fast after you placed your order and most importantly that stocks are limited.


Please note that this item is one pouch only, none of the other items on the picture will be shipped!
Colors may appear slightly different depending on your computer screen.
Pouches are handmade and may have minor imperfections.

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