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Draw my fur baby - Custom hand drawn pet stickers

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Custom hand drawn pet stickers.
Get your fur baby hand drawn and turned into stickers for your planner. Can't have enough? Design can be turned into a vinyl decal or a magnetic bookmark too! See all the pictures for examples.


2 different drawing styles (see pictures), select the style you want in the drop down menu :
> Marker
> Digital

Service includes drawing and 2 free small sheets of stickers on regular matte paper.
Design fee is a one time thing. Once I have turned your pet into a sticker you can order reprints (by one sheet), vinyl decal or a magnetic bookmark, just mention the name of your custom in the notes section at checkout.
Want a bookmark instead of the stickers sheets? Or a small decal? Feel free to reach out before ordering!

The process :

1. We choose together one picture of your pet (with the selection you provided). This will be the one I'll be working with.
2. The sketch.
3. Coloring.
4. The drawing turned into stickers.
> You'll receive a message with pictures of each step for validation. I'll be able to keep on working on your order only after your approval. The length of the whole process depends mostly on the steps validation. It can take 3 days like 2 weeks.


Stickers paper options :

> Regular matte
Smooth matte permanent paper. You can write on it with any pen.

> Vinyl matte
Buttery unicorn vinyl paper. It is water and UV resistant. Works with any pen or maker.

Decals are printed on smooth matte vinyl paper that is water and UV resistant. The glue is meant to resist low and high temperature. We however do not recommend to use detergent of any kind on the decals.

Magnetic bookmarks are printed on smooth matte vinyl magnetic paper.

- SIZE -

Small sheets measures 3.45" x 4.5"

Decals are available in 3 sizes.
Small decals are sized to fit a 2.75 x 2.75" (69 x 69 mm) rectangle.
Medium decals are sized to fit a 4.4 x 3.8" (97 x 112 mm) rectangle.
Big decals are sized to fit a 4.7 x 6.5" (120 x 165 mm) rectangle.
The exact dimensions depend on the design's shape.

Bookmarks measures approx 2" height


Please provide at least 3 pictures of your pet after checkout by email on stationerywonderland(@)gmail(dot)com. Choose pictures you love and that shows its personality, this will ensure the design to be great and look alike. Full body pictures preferably on which the pet can be seen.

Please note that the reprint and bookmarks options are add-ons and can't be purchased prior the design. I'll refund and cancel orders of stickers and bookmarks that aren't combined with a design or with a sheet name in the notes.


All designs are hand drawn on paper then scanned in high resolution and reworked on computer, due to the drawing paper texture, a tiny grainy aspect may be visible and isn't due to printing quality - please look at the close up pictures.

Colors may appear slightly different depending on your computer screen.


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