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READY TO SHIP - Foxy's Sassy End of the Year 2023 - "Advent" Calendar

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On the look for an advent like calendar to treat yourself through the end of 2023?

Foxy's Sassy End of the Year is meant to be an inclusive alternative to an advent calendar. I've always loved opening small gifts every day and it's my favorite thing during Holiday season. So instead of offering a classic advent calendar or 12 days until Christmas, I decided to offer a 7 days untill 2024 alternative.

The goodies are meant to be unwrapped the last 7 days of the year from December 25th through December 31st, none of the goodies are seasonal or Holidays related so you can totally open them whenever you feel like it!

This year's advent has been thought carefully in a no waste leftovers spirit. It's been imagined to be used with a planner or a plain journal, the goodies inside your advent are meant to have a versatile use to get you through 2024, there is less plain deco stuff to hoard and a bit more of functionnal goodies. With the current economics, I wanted to be give you a chance to treat yourself or a loved one with items that will be used and usefull. Don't worry though, there is still cutesy and sass in there!

This year, you'll be able to pick out of 2 different calendars : the full one, that has stickers and other goodies and the light version that is stickers only! (Note that if you're getting the full option, you won't be missing any item in the light version)

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No spoiler here for the surprises lovers!
The box will be full of sassy, cute, decorative and functional planner goodies. There is no size option because there is nothing that is size sensitive in the goodies.
You can expect stickers and some other planner goodies.

If you want more informations about the content but still no actual spoilers, click here for a list of what's included.


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